TCCA By-Laws


                           The name of this organization shall be the Tennessee County Commissioners’ Association,
                           abbreviated as TCCA.


The purpose of the Association shall be:

  • To serve as a medium for dialogue and exchange of information among the members of the County Commissioners of the Counties of Tennessee;
  • To promote the efficiency of county governments;
  • To provide technical assistance and professional services to members of the County Legislative Bodies;
  • To promote a better understanding of intergovernmental relations affecting county government;
  • To strengthen the functioning of the County Commission as a democratic legislative body and promote a better understanding of its role in local government;
  • To represent the County Commissioners of Tennessee and their interest to other groups and the public in general.


                           Voting membership in the Tennessee County Commissioners’ Association shall be open to any
                           member of a Tennessee county legislative body current in the payment of dues at the time of the
                           annual meeting.  Members of such Tennessee county legislative body, having once established
                           voting membership, shall be entitled to continue same, as long as the county legislative body
                           continues to pay the current year’s dues and comply otherwise with the provisions of these By- 
                           Laws. Only members of a Tennessee county legislative body current in the payment of dues are
                           eligible to hold office in the Association.

Article IV – OFFICERS 
SECTION 1.        The officers of the Association shall be the equivalent of the Executive Committee and shall consist
                            of: a President; a President-Elect; a Vice President from each of the three Grand Divisions of
                            Tennessee; a Secretary; a Treasurer; and the Immediate Past President; In an election year
                            these requirements may be waived by the board if turnover of eligible officer candidates occurs.

SECTION 2.        The officers shall be elected at the Annual meeting and shall take office effective the first day of
                            the month following their election, to serve until replaced by officers-elect. Only the three (3)
                            year term Regional Division Board Members, as well as the Secretary or Treasurer is eligible for
                            officer nomination. The President Elect shall automatically assume the office of President, and the
                            President shall automatically become the Immediate Past President. Provided that in an election
                            year when there are not enough eligible candidates from the designated candidate pool, the 
                            Nominating Committee may select candidates outside the designated candidate pool. Should
                            the President-Elect not be re-elected, as a commissioner, the Board of Directors shall select a
                            replacement from the members of the sitting Board by majority vote at the Annual Meeting prior
                            to submission of the slate to the General Membership. The President- Elect shall not be from
                            the same grand division in successive years.


SECTION 3.        Should any officer of the association be found unwilling to perform the functions of the office,
                            said officer may be removed from his or her position by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of
                            Directors with the resulting vacancy to be filled by the Board in accordance with the By-Laws
                            of TCCA.

SECTION 4.        If an elected officer is unable to fulfill a term due to resignation, inability to serve due to
                            disability or death, or removal from office, the Board of Directors shall elect a replacement 
                            at the next scheduled or called Board meeting.


SECTION 1.        The direction and administration of the Association between annual meetings shall be conducted
                            and managed by the Board of Directors. The Board shall have the authority to: fill any offices
                            which may become vacant; employ paid staff and consultants; specify dues for membership in
                            the association and create and set dues for nonvoting associate members should the board in
                            its discretion determine nonvoting associate memberships should be created; and to require
                            bond of the President, Treasurer, and Executive Director.

SECTION 2.        The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the association; twelve (12) Division
                            Directors, four (4) from each from the three Grand Divisions of the state; a representative 
                            selected from each of the four (4) largest counties of the State by the county’s legislative body; 
                            and any past President of the Association that is still serving as a county commissioner and has
                            served in such capacity continuously since the time of holding the position of President; and any
                            member of the Association elected to the Board of Directors of the Tennessee County Services
                            Association. Apart from the representatives selected by the four largest counties, the President, 
                            the President-Elect, and the past Presidents of the Association eligible for membership on the
                            Board of Directors. Services Association board of directors by a commissioner would not be
                            considered a break in service. If there are members on the Board of Directors who have served
                            in excess, of six (6) consecutive years at the time of passage of this provision; those persons

                            shall not be eligible for re-election at the end of their current term.  After being absent from the
                            Board of Directors for a period of one year, any person otherwise eligible to serve on the Board

                            again becomes eligible for election to the Board regardless of the number of years of past service.

SECTION 3.        The Board of Directors shall meet as the occasion requires but not less than three (3) times a 
                            year. Meetings shall be held in months as events/schedules dictate. The Board of Directors shall
                            meet as the occasion requires but not less than three (3) times a year. Meetings shall be held in 
                            delivered to the Secretary who shall issue a call. The Board shall keep minutes of its meetings
                            and give full account of its transaction at the annual meeting. Attendance at Board meetings  is a
                            necessary and functional expectation to fulfilling individual board member responsibilities.

                            Special board meetings may be convened by the President, or special called committee meetings
                            may be convened by the committee chair, and held via telephone teleconference on time
                            sensitive, specific issues. Notice of such telephone meetings shall be provided to all board or
                            committee members by any method reasonably calculated to provide timely notice as appropriate
                            for the circumstances, and may include notice by telephone, facsimile or electronic mail (email).

                            Notice of said meeting shall be provided at least 24 hours in advance of the proposed meeting. 
                            Votes may be orally cast in such meeting and documented by staff, or may be confirmed in
                            writing by subsequent email, facsimile or other written document. 

SECTION 5.        One third of the members of the Board shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the
                            transaction of business.  All meetings shall be open to members of the Association.

SECTION 6.        The term of nine (9) Regional  elected Directors shall be three (3) years, with one director from
                            each Grand Division, to be elected each year at the annual meeting. 

                                            Except for the first year of this provision – in which two members shall be elected
                                            from each  Grand Division, with one member from each fulfilling a two (2) year term
                                            and a member from each fulfilling a three (3) year term.

                            In succeeding years, only one member will be elected from each Division to a three (3) year term
                            and the terms of other Division Board members adjust as noted by decreasing one year for each.

SECTION 7.        Should any elected member of the Board of Directors of the association be found unwilling to 
                            perform the functions of the office, said member may be removed from his or her position by a 
                            two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors with the resulting vacancy to be filled by the Board
                            in accordance with the By-Laws of TCCA.

SECTION 8.        If an elected member of the Board of Directors is unable to fulfill a term due to resignation, inability 
                            to serve due to disability or death, or removal from office, the Board of Directors shall elect a 
                            replacement at the next scheduled or called Board meeting after such event creating the vacancy.
                            Only members of the board from the region in which the vacancy occurs shall be eligible to submit
                            nominations for the vacated position. Appointments to the board to fulfill vacancies shall
                            serve the remaining term of the former board member that is being replaced.


SECTION 1.        The Board of Directors may employ an Executive Director for the Association.

SECTION 2.        The Executive Director shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

                                            A.  Be the Chief Executive and Operating Officer for the Association, subject to the  
                                                 direction of the Board of Directors.

                                            B.  Employ and recommend the salaries of other persons necessary to the operation  
                                                 of the Association, subject to the approval of the Board and within budgetary


                                            C.  Keep information and records pertaining to dues and membership.

                                            D.  Deposit all funds received by the Executive Director by or on behalf of the  
                                                 Association in a bank or savings and loan association prescribed by the  

                                                 Board to the account of the Association.

                                            E.  Pay all salaries and expenses necessary to the operation of the Association.

                                            F.  Develop the Association’s annual budget with the President Elect and the Treasurer
                                                 to be submitted to the Board at the Spring Board meeting.

                                            G.  Function as the Association’s Legislative Liaison to the Tennessee General
                                                  Assembly representing the interests of the Association’s membership.

                                            H.  Perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may prescribe.


SECTION 1.        The fiscal year shall be from July 1 to June 30.

SECTION 2.        The Treasurer shall make a report of the financial status of the Association at each General
                            Membership meeting.


                            The following shall be standing committees of the Association:

SECTION 1.        Executive Committee
                            The Executive Committee shall act for the Board in matters in which their judgment cannot be
                            delayed or which do not justify a called meeting of the Board.  The Executive Committee shall meet
                            on call of the President or the Executive Director and is authorized to transact its business by
                            telephone conference call. The Secretary shall record minutes of all actions of the Executive
                            Committee and shall properly distribute copies to all Directors.

SECTION 2.        Finance Committee
                            The Finance Committee shall consist of six members; the Immediate-Past President, the President
                            Elect and the Treasurer of the Association as well as one board member from each grand division
                            selected by the Executive Committee. The committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer. The
                            committee shall receive, review, and approve quarterly financial statements, through in person
                            meetings wherein possible, or by conference call otherwise. The committee will provide a report of
                            the quarterly review to the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting after the quarterly review.
                            The Committee shall also review the annual audit prior to submission to the Board of Directors. 
                            A minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, the Treasurer, the President
                            Elect and the Executive Director shall prepare the budget for the next fiscal year. The proposed
                            budget shall be presented to the Finance Committee for approval prior to submission and approval
                            by the Board of Directors at the Post Legislative Conference meeting. The Finance Committee
                            shall annually review compensation and benefits for Association employees and make any
                            recommendations for adjustment to the Board as part of the budget approval process.

                            The Nominating Committee shall consist of a minimum of four (4) members to include the
                            President Elect (acting as Chair) and all Past Presidents meeting the definition of Board
                            Members. If there are not at least three (3) Past Presidents meeting the qualification of
                            “Board Members” the current President shall appoint from the sitting Vice Presidents, the
                            necessary members to meet the minimum required number of members. The Committee shall
                            meet in September to propose a slate of officers and two board members from each Grand
                            Division, with one nominee to fill the three (3) year term and one (1) nominee to fill the one (1)
                            year term. The Slate of officers and Board Members shall be approved  by the Board prior to
                            submission to the General Membership at the annual meeting. The committee shall propose
                            nominees to fill expiring term board members [typically six (6), two (2) from each grand division] 
                            as well as any other board vacancies that may exist. Those nominated to fill expiring terms
                            shall be for three (3) and one (1) year terms, and any other board vacancies being filled, 
                            shall be for the specific term year that is being replaced. Nominees for officers must be
                            members of the sitting board (Current board members or officers less the Immediate Past
                            President, the President, and the President-Elect). Board nominees may be any member of the
                            association in good standing. At least thirty (30) days prior to  the Nominating Committee meeting,
                            the Executive Director shall issue a communication to the General Membership announcing
                            expiring board positions as well as any board vacancies in order to solicit interest for nominee
                            consideration of the General Membership. Members interested in consideration as board
                             nominees shall submit a Nominee Interest Form to the Executive Director by electronic means
                            no later than  one (1) week prior to the scheduled Nominating Committee meeting, or by postal
                            mail to be postmarked no  later than one (1) week prior to the scheduled Nominating Committee
                            meeting. Members of the Board  interested in consideration for Officer Positions shall likewise
                            submit a Nominee Interest Form to the  Executive Director by electronic means no later than
                            one (1) week prior to the scheduled Nominating  Committee meeting, or by postal mail to be
                            postmarked no later than one (1) week prior to the scheduled  Nominating Committee meeting.
                            If there are not sufficient association members expressing interest to fill  expiring or vacant board
                            positions, or board members to fill officer positions, the Nominating Committee shall  have
                            discretion to solicit or identify nominees.

                            The Governmental Affairs Committee shall address the legislative concerns of the Association.
                            Staffed by the Executive Director, the Committee shall review proposed legislation by members of
                            the General Assembly relative to potential impact to the Association membership. The Committee
                            shall meet sufficiently prior to the annual designated County Government Day on the Hill to review
                            proposed legislation the Association may support, oppose or monitor. The recommendations of the
                            Committee shall be presented to the Board of Directors for approval at the February meeting. The
                            Committee shall be responsible for developing materials for the membership to use on County
                            Government Day to clarify TCCA’s positions. Committee membership shall be voluntary, and the
                            President shall appoint the Chair of the Committee.

                            The Membership Committee shall be responsible for developing member services including
                            enhancing membership communications; assisting with developing a process for Regional and
                            Divisional meetings; assisting the Executive Director with convention planning; and other services
                            to enhance member participation. Committee membership shall be voluntary, and the President
                            shall appoint the Chair of the Committee.

                            The President may appoint Ad Hoc, Special or Standing Committee as deemed necessary.
                            Standing Committee shall consist of not less than three members. Membership to the Standing
                            Committees, except for the Executive Committee, Finance Committee and Nominating
                            Committees which have designated membership, shall be open to the general membership of the


                            The Nominating Committee, or the Board of Directors functioning as such, shall submit at the
                            annual meeting a list of nominations for the officers and the Board of Directors, after the Board
                            has approved the proposed slate.  Other nomination may be made from the floor at the annual
                            meeting, provided the person nominated has agreed to serve.


SECTION 1.        This Association shall hold at least one statewide meeting annually at the time and place to be
                            designated by the Board of Directors, this being its annual meeting.

SECTION 2.        Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3.        Written notice of time and place of meetings of the Association shall be given to all members 
                            affected, no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.

SECTION 4.        Each voting member is entitled to one vote.

SECTION 5.        Quorum:    Business may be transacted by a majority of the active members present at any
                            properly constituted meeting of this association.

SECTION 6.        Except as otherwise herein provided, the newly revised or latest edition of Roberts Rules of
                            Order shall govern parliamentary procedure at all meetings of the Tennessee County
                            Commissioners’ Association.


                            Initial terms or appointments of Board or Committee members may be adjusted to permit
                            staggering or rotation when in the discretion of the Board of Directors it is needed. The
                            Nominating Committee shall make recommendations for said adjustments and appointments
                            at the next Board meeting after the need is identified, and such adjustments and
                            recommendations shall require Board approval. This shall include any adjustments necessary
                            to effect the 2015 proposed By-laws.


SECTION 1.        Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws may be proposed by petition of twenty (20)
                            members or by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall designate an Ad Hoc By-
                            Laws Committee for proposed amendment of the By-Laws or periodic review.

SECTION 2.        An amendment duly proposed shall be submitted, in writing, to the members at least fifteen
                            (15) days prior to the next annual meeting and its ratification shall require the discretion of the
                            Board of Directors; an amendment may be submitted by mail ballot at any time.


                              The Constitution and By-Laws of this Association were effective on adoption by the
                           Organizational meeting on November 8, 1969 and as amended at the annual meeting in 1970,

                           1972, 1979, 1988, 1992, 1999, 2000, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018TCCA Representing more than
                           1,620 county legislative body members across the state, the Tennessee County Commissioners
                            Association (TCCA) was created in 1969 to promote efficiency in county governments through those
                               elected legislative bodies.

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