The association has produced the Tennessee County News - a traditional newspaper format - for decades. Tennessee County News is a bi-monthly newspaper (six issues a year) mailed to all county officials, members of the General Assembly, the Tennessee congressional delegation, Tennessee's Constitutional Officers and the governor and his cabinet. The newspaper is the voice of Tennessee's 95 counties and reaches 4,000 readers. TCSA uses this publication to keep members informed of legislation affecting counties, innovative programs initiated by counties, summaries of state Attorney General Opinions, state and national news, and announcement of importance upcoming events and opportunities. A favorite of readers is the Backpage Interview that offers an in-depth conversation with a legislators, cabinet member or other state or local official. 

*Note: The TENNESSEE COUNTY NEWS was retired in November 2022 after several decades in publication. The new TCSA print publication, Tennessee Counties magazine, will be available early winter 2023. This bi-annual publication will still be full of TCSA information and resources for local county governments, but it will be released bi-annually. For more information, please stay tuned! 

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