2016 Legislative Conference

Park Vista Hotel, Sevier County (Gatlinburg)
May 25-27, 2016

Conference Handouts/Resources

Once the conference is adjourned, we thought you would want access to the many handouts and resources available throughout the meeting. Below is a list of downloadable and printable versions of the the handouts you saw at the 2016 TCSA Legislative Conference.

TCSA General Session #1
Summary of Legislation

Budgeting Workshop
County Budgeting Law Legislative Brief
Delinquent Tax Properties Legislative Brief
County Employees Serving on County Commissions

Education Workshop
Basic Education Program (BEP) Enhancement
BEP FAQ for Adopted Legislation
TNScore.org 2015-16 State of Education in Tennessee (online magazine)
BEP Enhancements presentation, Maryanne Durski
BEP May Estimates By County

Transportation Workshop
Transportation Issues Legislative Brief
FY2016-17 Fuel Tax Estimates
Transportation Coalition of Tennessee presentation, Susie Alcorn

ACM Membership Meeting
Overtime Final Rule & State and Local Governments
U.S. Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division Fact Sheet