TCSA's Past Leaders

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TCSA's leadership enjoys a rich and colorful past beginning with the first executive director, Robert A. "Fats" Everett. Fats served from 1954-1958. Our first president was Nashville Mayor Beverly Briley. Many of the following list of former executive directors, presidents, and executive secretaries are still in office and active members of TCSA.
Beverly Briley 1954-75 Nashville/Davidson County Mayor 
Walter Baker Harris 1975-76  Madison County Judge 
W.H. (Pete) Graham 1976-77  Marion County Highway Superintendent 
C. Howard Bozeman 1977-78  Knox County Judge 
G.G. Norfleet 1978-79 Montgomery County Highway Superintendent 
Jimmy Couch 1979-80  Maury County Commissioner
Edwin E. "Cotton" Pigue   1980-81 Gibson County Judge
James Saulsbury 1981-82  Greene County Highway Superintendent 
Jerry Gaither 1982-83  Rutherford County Commissioner 
William N. Morris, Jr. 1983-84  Shelby County Mayor 
Douglas Collins 1984-85  Lauderdale County Highway Commissioner 
Brenda Bailey 1985-86  Hamilton County Commissioner 
Joel Plummer 1986-87  Montgomery County Executive 
J.C. Thomas 1987-88  Jefferson County Highway Superintendent 
Richard Chesteen 1988-89  Obion County Commissioner 
Dwight Kessel 1989-90  Knox County Executive 
Eddie Cook 1990-91 Hickman County Highway Superintendent 
Donna Collins 1991-92  Madison County Commissioner 
William Field 1992-93  Dickson County Executive 
Hollis McPhetridge 1993-94  Knox County Public Works Director 
Ralph Puckett 1994-95  Obion County Commissioner 
Jeff Huffman 1995-96  Tipton County Executive 
Jimmy Freeman 1996-97  Weakley County Highway Superintendent 
Peggy Bevels 1997-98 Lincoln County Commissioner
Larry Waters 1998-99 Sevier County Executive 
Harold Austin 1999-2000 Hamilton County Director of Highways 
Billy Tindell 2000-01  Knox County Commissioner 
Steve Gregory 2001-02  Hickman County Executive 
John Graham 2002-03  Marion County Highway Superintendent 
Mike Taylor 2003-04  Tipton County Commissioner 
Brent Greer 2004-05  Henry County Mayor 
Carl Stoppenhagen 2005-06  Gibson County Highway Superintendent 
Johnnie Wheeler 2006-07 Putnam County Commissioner 
Larry Waters 2007-08  Sevier County Mayor 
Bill Dunlap 2008-09  Blount County Highway Superintendent 
Greg Adkins 2009-10  Metro Nashville Davidson County Councilmember 
Jeff Huffman 2010-11  Tipton County Executive 
Van Boshers 2011-12  Maury County Highway Superintendent 
Bobby Collier 2012-13  Roane County Commissioner 
Rogers Anderson 2013-14  Williamson County Mayor 
Jim Smith 2014-15  Fayette County Public Works Director 
Jim Westbrook 2015-16  Weakley County Commissioner 
Dan Eldridge 2016-17 Washington County Mayor
Dwight Van De Vate 2017-18 Knox County Public Works Director
Dwight "Bubba" Jones 2018-19 Williamson County Commissioner
Kevin Davis 2019-21 Hardin County Mayor
Joyce Holt 2021-22 Lewis County CAO
Ron Berry 2022-23 Roane County Commissioner




Robert A. "Fats" Everett 1954-58
William Leech 1958-59
James Tipton, Jr, 1959-72
D.W. McKinnis, Jr. July 1972 - March 1975 
Ralph J. Harris March 1975 - December 1992 
Robert M. "Bob" Wormsley January 1993 - December 2003
David Seivers January 2004 - December 2013
David Connor January 2014 - Present 

January 2014 - Present 
January 1993 - December 1993