County-to-County Classifieds

TCSA is offering this space on the website for use as a “county to county” classified ads section. If your county is in the market for used equipment or surplus goods, feel free to post that here. Likewise, if your county is looking to dispose of surplus property, post that as well. A transfer of surplus property from one governmental entity to another governmental entity does not require public advertisement or competitive bidding.

This space is also available for listing job openings, solicitations or other announcements. While listing on this website will not take the place of publication where that is required by law, this can provide you a more targeted way to share information and needs with other Tennessee counties.

Transfers of Surplus Property Among Governmental Entities.  Under T.C.A. § 12-2-420, counties are authorized to transfer surplus personal property to other governmental entities by sale, gift, trade, or barter upon such terms as the county legislative body may authorize, without public advertisement or competitive bidding, regardless of any other law to the contrary. The approval of the governing bodies of both entities is required.  A similar statute, T.C.A. § 12-9-110, authorizes public agencies, including county legislative bodies and boards of education, to convey or transfer both real property and personal property to other public entities without sale or competitive bidding.  The conveyance may be made by an agreement between the governing bodies of the public agencies authorizing the conveyance and determining that the terms and conditions are appropriate.  The public agency or agencies receiving the conveyance or transfer must use the property for a public purpose. This provision may be used without declaring property surplus, and it supersedes any contrary requirements in any other general law or private act. T.C.A. § 12-9-110.

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Only governmental entities are eligible to make sales, purchases, or other transfers on this site. These items are not being sold by competitive bid, which is required in most counties before items can be transferred to non-governmental entities or third parties. Also, under T.C.A. § 5-1-125, county officials and employees are prohibited from purchasing surplus county property unless the property is being sold by public auction or by competitive sealed bid.


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Send submissions to Please include a contact person, phone number, county name and a detailed description of the item for sale or that you are looking to buy or a job description for the opening. If possible, after your ad is listed, please also let us know when the item has been purchased or sold or the position filled so that we can take down out of date listings. 

DISCLAIMER: The Tennessee County Services Association (TCSA) expressly assumes no responsibility for the workmanship or merchantability of any equipment or other item sold or purchased as a result of the use of this web site.