TCSA 2017 Legislative Platform

State-Shared Funding and Revenue Sources

TCSA asks the Administration and General Assembly to recognize that counties provide critical and fundamental government services to the citizens of Tennessee.  While counties receive some forms of state-shared taxes to assist county governments in delivering these services, these funding sources are relatively stagnant and do not keep pace with rising costs of service delivery.  As the demands on county government continue to grow, TCSA asks the General Assembly to consider enacting a new state-shared funding source for county governments that will keep pace with these rising costs.

TCSA also asks that the Administration and the General Assembly preserve the relatively limited funding sources we have in Tennessee to fund essential governmental services. Erosion of the tax base during positive economic conditions will result in even more drastic shortfalls in lean times. Steps should be taken to ensure that out of state vendors doing substantial business in this state are placed on a level playing field with those businesses located in our state. To that end, TCSA supports efforts by the Administration to pursue collection of sales tax from non-resident vendors doing substantial business in Tennessee. 


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