Governor's 2018 TN Together Proposal

The Governor unveiled the TN Together initiative on Monday January 22, 2018, which is his aggressive and comprehensive plan to end the opioid epidemic in Tennessee by focusing on three major components: prevention, treatment and law enforcement. TN Together is a multi-faceted initiative that addresses the issue of opioid addiction through legislation, proposed funding in the governor’s 2018-19 budget and executive actions. TN Together is a collective effort and has been designed in partnership with the General Assembly through the Ad Hoc Opioid Abuse Task Force established by Speaker Beth Harwell and chaired by Speaker Pro Tem Curtis Johnson and a working group established by Haslam that included Harwell and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally’s appointee, Speaker Pro Tem Ferrell Haile. 
TCSA will continue to be involved in this important issue. In fact, the association decided in November 2017 to take an active role in such an initiative because of its far-reaching impact in our entire state. Our legislative platform, for instance, states that “TCSA urges the Administration and General Assembly to take steps to enact reforms and provide resources at both the state and local level to counteract the devastating effects of opioid addiction in Tennessee.”

In addition to the resources below the Governor's Office has developed a site as well that can be found by clicking here.


Ad Hoc Task Force on Opioid Abuse Report to Speaker Harwell

Governor Unveils Comprehensive Plan to end the Opioid Epidemic 1-22-2018  

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