Section 1.     Name:
                       This organization shall be known as the Tennessee County Services Association, abbreviated
                        as TCSA.

Section 2.     Objects:
                       (a) The objects of this Association shall be to collect information, statistical and otherwiseof
               the functions,financing and operations of county governments and related governmental
                       agencies; for the further purpose of developing more efficient and economical functions
              of local government to promote the common welfare of the people through the orderly 
                       development of county government and its affiliated legal agencies; to develop methods
                       of economical financing, skillful planning and practical development of  county departments,
                       agencies and commissions for the general purposes aforesaid.

                       (b) To maintain a permanent organization to secure cooperation among the several counties
                       of the State of Tennessee in a comprehensive study of local problems and in the application
                       of efficient methods of local government.

                       (c) To provide means whereby the officials of the several counties of this state may
                       interchange ideas and experience and obtain expert advice,

                       (d) To collect, compile and distribute to county officials information about government and the
                       administration of county affairs and to engage in the study of standardization of administrative
                       practices in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost of operation.

                       (e) To cooperate with the National Association of Counties, and other appropriate organizations
                       and persons, in the protection of the interests of Tennessee Counties in matters of state and
                       national significance.

                       (f) To secure harmony of action among counties of this state in matters that affect the rights and
                       liabilities of counties.

                       (g) To do any and all other things necessary and proper for the benefit of the counties of this state.


                       Each of the ninety-five counties of the State of Tennessee shall be eligible for membership in this
                       Association.  A member   county shall be represented in the Association  by  one or more duly qualified 
                       members of the following organizations: Association of County Mayors of Tennessee, Tennessee 
                       County Highway Officials Association and the Tennessee County Commissioners Association, and
               whose countieare current in their dues.

Article III

                       In order for a county to be a member of this Association, it shall pay to thTennessee County
                       Services Association annually a per capita amount to bdetermined bthe Board of Directors.


Section 1.      The officers of this Associatioshall bPresident and a First and Second Vice President.
               They shall be elected by the membership at the Association's annual meeting foa term of on
                       year. No officer shall be eligible to immediate succession after having served three full terms. Not
                       more than one of these officers may simultaneouslcome from anyone of the three organizations.
                       Upon the expiration of the President's term, the First Vice President shall assume the office of the
                       President and the Second Vice President shall assume the office of the First Vice President. In
                       addition to the President and Vice Presidents, the Board of Directors shall designate an individual to
                       serve as the Executive Secretary of the Association. Such person may be chosen from the Board of
                       Directors, the hired staff of the Association or from the membership of the Association.

Section 2    For the purposes of electing the President and the Vice Presidents, amending the By-Laws, or
                       conducting any other business which might properly come before the entire membership, each member
                       county is to have three votes: one by the County Mayor or Executive (or other executive official),
                   one by the County Highway Officials, irrespective of their number and one by the County Commissioners,
                       irrespective of their number. There shall be no voting by proxy.

Section 1.      All business of this Association, other than the election of the officers thereof, amending the By-Laws, and
                       such other matters which might properly come before the entire membership shall be conducted by a
                       Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may conduct its business in person or, if the President
                       determines that meeting in person is not practical or necessary, the Board may meet via telephone or other
                       form of electronic communication.

Section 2.       The Board of Directors shall consist of nineteen (19) members: three (3) from the Association of County Mayors
                        of Tennessee three  (3) from the Tennessee County  Highway Officials Association; three (3) from the Tennessee
             County Commissioners Association; the Presidents of each of the membeorganizations; the President and the
                     two Vice Presidents of the Tennessee CountServices Association; and in additiotheretothe chief executive
             elected officials of the four (4) metropolitacounties, to-wit, Shelby, Davidson, Hamilton, and Knox. In the event any
                   such chief elected official cannot attend  any given meeting  of the Board of Directors, he or she may designate one
                      (1) alternatto attend in his or her stead and to represent him or her at such Board of Directors meeting, such
                  alternate to be either the chief representativof the highway department of said county,  or a representative of the
                        county governing body of said county, or said chief executive elected official's regular full time administrative assistant,
             or any officer who serves full time in an executivcapacity in said county, said alternate to serve during  the term of
                the chief executivelected official. The term of said members of the Board of Directors, with the exception of the four
                        (4) representatives of the metropolitan counties shall be three (3) years each on a staggered basis, as was originally
              provided by these By-Laws and adopted at the annual meeting in October, 1975. No such director shall be eligible for
             immediate re-election as a director after having served a full three (3) year term. The terms of the chief executive elected
                        officials of the four (4) metropolitan counties shall be coterminous with their terms of office.