March 8, 2019

I will be sending out a summary soon of our EMAT Day on the hill activities but I wanted to get this information out to the membership because it is time sensitive.  Member Ken Weidner brought our attention to a bill (SB 1237/HB 623) that seeks to amend T.C.A. 8-34-37 relative to retirement.  In summary, it proposes to lower eligibility for retirement to 25 years for law enforcement officers who are participating in TCRS.  Ken reported that he and some others have been in contact with one of the bill sponsors and that the version that will go for vote on Monday will also include firefighters.  You can view the bill at:


The EMAT board did an electronic vote yesterday and agreed that the official EMAT position is to support this bill.  While not directly impacted as a profession, we support our members who would benefit from this change.  Please help support this position by contacting the committee membership and ask them to vote yes for SB1237/HB623.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 






Pensions & Insurance Contact List


Chair: Senator Bo Watson(615) 741-3227


Vice Chair: Representative Susan Lynn (615) 741-7462


Senator Paul Bailey (615) 741-3978


Senator Brenda Gilmore (615) 741-2453


Senator Joey Hensley (615) 741-3100


Senator Jack Johnson (615) 741-2495


Senator John Stevens (615) 741-4576


Representative Patsy Hazlewood  (615) 741-2746


Representative Gary Hicks (615) 741-7480


Representative Andy Holt (615) 741-7847


Representative William Lamberth (615) 741-1980


Representative Brandon Ogles (615) 741-6808


Representative Rick Staples (615) 741-0768


Click here for a bill report for 3/8/2019.