April 18, 2019

The Governor's Office provided his supplemental budget amendment to the Finance Committees this week. The stated legislative goal is to vote on the state budget next week, leaving the following week to finalize any remaining legislation working through committees as well as bills placed "behind the budget" that are awaiting a determination of whether there are state funds available to pay for them. With procedural rules and notice requirements waived, some bills are traveling rapidly through their committee hurdles and getting to the floor in a matter of days. 


Battles over Governor Lee's two main education initiatives have taken center stage this week. The legislature passed an amended version of Governor Lee's charter authorizer proposal on Thursday. A floor fight is expected next Tuesday in the House over the more controversial Education Savings Account proposal. The bill is slated for consideration in Senate Finance the same day where several committee members of both parties have publicly expressed their opposition.


With most committees now closed for the year, bills that are not at least to the finance committees (the last ones to close), most likely will not be considered until next year.  


Click here for a bill report for 4/18/2019.