Having a relationship with members of the General Assembly, the current gubernatorial Administration and state department personnel, is vital to the success of the Association of County Mayors (ACM) and the Tennessee County Services Association (TCSA). The associations work on behalf of county government officials to insure you have what you need to provide education for children, safe and reliable transportation for the people who work and live in your communities, economic development and growth to support local businesses and help families thrive, law enforcement and a judicial system to keep the peace and provide safety, health services, solid waste management, recreation and a host of other services. Created to help you perform the critical roles you play back home, the association serves as a voice for county officials in Nashville on Capitol Hill, speaking on your behalf to not only members of the General Assembly, but also to a myriad boards, agencies, departments and offices of state government. So many essential services provided to the citizens of Tennessee are done cooperatively in a partnership between state and county government.

ACM works closely with TCSA and other county association executive directors throughout the year, staying in constant contact with your respective state legislators to provide the county perspective on how changes to state operations impact local government and, ultimately, the people of Tennessee.