A Word from Our President

It is an honor for me to serve as president of the Tennessee Association of County Mayors for 2015-16. I am proud of the role that our organization plays in promoting best practices for county governments in Tennessee. We work closely with other organizations representing elected officials in Tennessee to improve the lives of all our citizens.

The mayors/executives are in a unique position to speak on behalf of their counties as the chief operating officer of those jurisdictions. When we speak with a collective voice, the results are always positive for the people of Tennessee.

I urge you to not only be on the membership role, but, to actively engage in it’s dialogue. When you do, we all win. If you have matters that are of a concern to your counties and it’s people, it is of concern to me. Let us help. We are as close as your phone. This year, let us truly go forward together.

David McCullough, Cheatham County Mayor