TCSA Weekly Bills of Interest

Scheduled for Week of April 24, 2017


Senate Finance, 8:30 a.m.

SB0263/HB0267 (Tracy, H. Brooks) Schools, Charter - As introduced, authorizes a chartering authority to require a charter school sponsor to pay an application fee of $2,500; authorizes an LEA to receive an annual authorizer fee of up to 3 percent of the charter school's per student state and local funding if the LEA is the charter school's chartering authority.

SB0161/HB0126 (Kelsey, H. Brooks) School Vouchers - As introduced, enacts the "Opportunity Scholarship Pilot Program."

SB0904/HB0912 (Bell,Wirgau) Taxes, Real Property - As introduced, redefines "farm property" for classification and assessment of property tax.

SB1184/HB1167 (Niceley, Forgety) Eminent Domain - As introduced, requires property taken under eminent domain to be valued at highest and best use instead of fair market value; removes industrial park exception to public use requirement; requires costs of appraisal to always be taxed to the condemning body.


House Education Administration & Planning, 9 a.m.

HB0089/SB0149 (Rogers, Haile) School Transportation - As introduced, places restrictions on receiving school bus driver license endorsements or being hired as a school bus driver for drivers who have committed serious traffic violations, including excessive speeding or reckless driving.


House State Government, 12 noon

HB1076/SB0970 (J. Sexton, Niceley) Emergency Communications Districts - As introduced, authorizes purchase of insurance to protect against breach of duty by emergency communications officials and employees in lieu of surety bond.

HB0947/SB1179 (Whitson, Hensley) Public Records - As introduced, exempts certain records of counties and municipalities from open records law.

HB0230/SB1262 (Hulsey, Norris) Taxes, Alcoholic Beverages - As introduced, extends by one year the manner in which liquor-by-the-drink tax proceeds are distributed to local political subdivisions.

HB0757/SB1375 (Ramsey, Briggs) Alcoholic Beverages - As introduced, requires an applicant for a retail package store license and for a retail food store wine license to obtain and submit to a local government a criminal history record for purposes of certifying that the applicant has not committed a felony within the immediately preceding 10-year period.


House Finance, 1:30 p.m.

HB1173/SB0802 (Faison, Dickerson) Fines and Penalties - As introduced, requires the clerk of court to notify the commissioner of safety for purposes of license revocation within 20 days, rather than 30 days, of an offender failing to pay litigation taxes, court costs, and fines.

HB508/SB0445 (Lamberth, Stevens) Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, creates a private cause of action for a party that is adversely affected by a local ordinance, resolution, policy, rule, or other enactment on firearms that is preempted by state law; prohibits local or state government entities from prohibiting or restricting firearms on state or local property unless certain conditions are met.

HB0192/SB0904 (Wirgau, Bell) Taxes, Real Property - As introduced, redefines "farm property" for classification and assessment of property tax.

HB0441/SB0859 (Smith, Dickerson) Teachers, Principals and School Personnel - As introduced, authorizes the BEP to provide funding that allows all first time teachers in the state to receive $500 for classroom instructional supplies.

HB1223/SB1362 (Hicks, Bailey) Industrial Development - As introduced, authorizes an industrial development corporation to enter into a payment in lieu of ad valorem tax agreement or lease for a period of more than five years under certain conditions.

HB0169/SB0225 (McCormick, Dickerson) Revenue - As introduced, increases, from 10 to 15 days, the amount of notice that the trustee, deputy trustee, or delinquent tax attorney must give to a taxpayer prior to seizure of any personal property for delinquent property taxes.

HB1369/SB0786 (Sargent, Dickerson) Taxes, Ad Valorem - As introduced, requires the state board of equalization to include a statement of the reason for its initial determination denying a property tax exemption for property of any religious, charitable, scientific, or nonprofit educational institution.

HB1379/SB0897 (Sargent, Johnson) Local Education Agencies - As introduced, increases from $10,000 to $25,000 the threshold at which an LEA must seek competitive bids for purchases; increases from $10,000 to $100,000 the threshold if the LEA has a separate purchasing division; changes solicitation requirements for bids above the threshold. 


House Finance Subcommittee, 10:30 a.m.

HB0126/SB0161 (H. Brooks, Kelsey) School Vouchers - As introduced, enacts the "Opportunity Scholarship Pilot Program.”

HB0522/SB0568 (Carr, Johnson) Annexation - As introduced, deletes the limitation allowing noncontiguous annexation by resolution to occur only in a county having a population according to the most recent decennial census that is greater than 44.5 percent and 50,000 of its population in the preceding decennial census.

HB0381/SB0151 (Lamberth, Lundberg) Motor Vehicles - As introduced, authorizes the operation of autonomous vehicles on the public roads of this state.

HB0466/SB0822 (Lynn, Haile) Public Employees - As introduced, authorizes the state and local governments to provide health insurance benefits to the immediate family members of first responders killed in the line of duty for a period of three years after the death of the first responder; requires the state to reimburse local governments that provide such benefits.

HB1290/SB1087 (Sanderson, Stevens) Utilities, Utility Districts - As introduced, makes various changes to the Municipal Energy Authority Act, including expanding the application of the chapter beyond just municipalities that have adopted home rule and authorizing authorities created pursuant to resolution by such municipalities to provide gas, water, and wastewater services.

HB1020/SB1086 (C. Sexton, Stevens) Real Property - As introduced, enacts the "Short-Term Rental Unit Act" and revises other provisions concerning short-term rentals, including taxation.

HB0136/SB0315 (M. White, Gresham) Comptroller, State - As introduced, requires a local government receiving annual audit findings to submit its annual budget and a corrective action plan to the comptroller; grants the comptroller discretion to approve the local government budget; authorizes sales tax revenue to be withheld from a noncomplying local government; grants the comptroller discretion to waive certain requirements.

HB0024/SB0018 (DeBerry, Harris) Real Property - As introduced, exempts a property owner, lessee, or anyone acting under the direction of an owner or lessee, from criminal trespass, if the property is adjacent to the owner or lessee and the owner or lessee enters the city- or county-owned property to remove debris or improve the city- or county-owned property.

HB0533/SB1220 (Hawk, Norris) Highways, Roads and Bridges - As introduced, authorizes the department of transportation to maintain public access roads within state parks; establishes the high priority bridge replacement program for local bridges not on the state highway system.

HB0268/SB0270 (Sherrell, Beavers) Motor Vehicles, Titling and Registration - As introduced, exempts active, volunteer firefighters and rescue squad members from payment of the regular registration fee at the time of renewal for any license plate issued to the volunteer firefighter or rescue squad member.

HB0066/SB0251 (Smith, Tracy) Appropriations - As introduced, appropriates $120 million from excess state tax revenues over-collected in fiscal year 2016-2017 to the department of transportation to be used for transportation road projects, $20 million of which is earmarked for state-aid roads.

HB0841/SB0831 (Fitzhugh, Yarbro) Education - As introduced, enacts the "K-12 Block Grant Act," which distributes block grants to each LEA to improve the quality of education; appropriates $250 million from excess state tax revenues over collected in fiscal years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 for K-12 block grants.


House Government Operations, 12 noon

HB0392/SB0462 (K. Brooks, Bell) School Transportation - As introduced, authorizes LEAs, directly or by contract, to install, operate, or maintain cameras on the outside of school buses to record vehicles unlawfully passing stopped school buses; allows persons cited to pay the fine out of court; imposes additional penalties that apply under certain circumstances.

HB0395/SB0381 (Favors, Gardenhire) School Transportation - As introduced, requires any bus ordered or purchased on or after July 1, 2018, to be equipped with a restraint system; requires any bus that is currently used to transport students be equipped with a restraint system by July 1, 2023.